Shardana was born in the early 2008 thanks to an idea of Fabrizio Pinna (rythm guitar) and Daniele Manca (lead guitar) to create a metal band with epic and battling sounds. Aaron Tolu (bass and vocals), and Matteo Sulis (drums) soon joined the band. Shardana was the name of the Sardinian pirates who sailed the Mediterranean sea in the second millenium BC that mostly inspired
the songwriting of the band, trying to merge the Heavy Metal sound with the Black and Viking ones. The lyrics of the band talks about the glorious courage and the legendary proud of those people who contribute to soar the influence of Sardinia at the times of the pharaoh Ramses. Part of the songs are written in Sardinian Language, such as: Sa Battalla (The Battle), Sa Sedda ‘e su Diaulu (Devil’s Saddle) and Bardanas (Raids).

After a period of rehearsing the band started to play at some of the most important festivals in the island like the “Heavy Sands Festival” in Cagliari who brought bands like Mnemic and Kaledon, “Eventi Metallici Fest 2011” with Destruction and Vision Divine and “Solk’n’Roll 2013 with Trick Or Treat and Hour Of Penance. In the middle of 2009 Shardana started recording their first Mini CD, available form March of 2010. After two years of promotional and live activities, the band started to work on their full length album. Mixed by Daniele and mastered by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi), “No Cadena, No Presoni, No Spada, No Lei” (No Chains, No Prisons, No Swords, No Laws) was relesead on 20 December 2014:


1) Intro
2) Bardanas
3) Shardana (Kadesh)
4) The Path Of Snow
5) Streams Of Blood
6) No Cadena, No Presoni, No Spada, No Lei
7) Me, The Wolf
8) Enemies Came From The Sea
9) Retribution For A King
10) Sa Sedda ‘e Su Diaulu


In early 2015, Aaron taken the decision to focus only on vocals. Claudio Kalb (Boghes de Bagamundos, Ilienses Tree) joins the band as the new official bass player.


During the following years, the band keep working on a new album, with some changes on the lineup. Matteo (2016) and Fabrizio (2017) left the band, and they were replaced by Michele Sanna (One-Machine, Coma) on drums and Lorenzo Mariani (Ad Vitam, No Gravity) on guitars.

Due to personal reasons, Klaudio left the band in early 2018. While the band keep searching a replacement for his position, they work on the new album, that will be recorded, mixed and mastered at Elnor Studio by Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Vision Divine to name a few).

In September of the same year, Luca Littera  (Wild Dogs From Hell, Burning Ground) joins the band as the new official bass player.



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